Very excited to have relocated to sunny Los Angeles and to have signed with an amazing new bi-coastal agency Boals, Winnett & Associates!


 Had so much fun shooting an almond milk commercial for Elmhurst almond milk.

Check out my latest video for Betches: "If First Dates Were Honest."

 I always have fun playing dress up for The Tonight Show:


 Check out my stand-up set from Gotham Comedy Club this summer: HERE!


I had the best time shooting this viral video for Betches, written and directed by the amazing Jessie Jolles.

I shot a great comedic video about the women's movement called: "If Mark Wahlburg Went to a Women's March." Check it out here.


I had the most fun time shooting a Peanuts/Riverdale parody sketch on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Check it out!


Listen to my episode of The Create Podcast where we talked about nutrition, health coaching, the mind body connection, how your gut health affects the quality of your thoughts and emotions, and of course my favorite topic: the microbiome.

I was so excited to teach a Master Class at NYU for all of the vocal performance majors on "Nutrition For Performance."


I had a blast shooting Straight No Chaser's latest music video. Check it out HERE!

I shot a series of videos for the Stevie Awards.

I'm excited to announced that I just signed with the commercial department of Don Buchwald & Associates!

Check out my latest Buick commercial HERE!

I'm excited to announce that I booked the role of "Mosh" in Arron Posner's play "Stupid Fucking Bird." Come check it out June 9th - 10th at 7pm and June 11th at 5pm at The Arthur Seleen Theater. All proceeds will be donated to the ASPCA.



I'm very excited to start teaching a nutrition class just for actors at The Maggie Flanigan Studio! For more info on my classes or for health coaching go to creativelynourishing.com.

 Had a wonderful time shooting a commercial for Buick where I got to play a new mom!

Was so excited to be part of a short for "Shorts & Murmurs" for the NewYorker.com with Soren & Jolles.

Watch it HERE!

Shot another great music video for The Tonight Show with Macklmore & Ryan Lewis.

- I had a blast shooting a music video with Rebel Wilson and Jimmy Fallon for The Tonight Show. Check it out here!

- I'm excited to annouce that I'm now working with Adreadis Talent Agency!


Fall 2015

- I shot a funny commercial for PC Richard and Son.

- Shot a few industrials for both BriteTALK and CrossKnowledge.


Summer 2015

- I recently had multiple callbacks for both the NBC and ABC Diversity Showcases.

- I've been performing regularly all over NYC with my improv team Hephaestus. Come check out our next show on August 6th at Slake!

- I started studying with the amazing Sarah Baskin of Anthony Meindl's Actor Workshop.


Spring 2015

- Marci Phillips called me in to be a reader at ABC!

- I shot a video for Bed, Bath & Beyond about the Mission EnduraCool Towel. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO.

- I finished level 401 at UCB!

- I booked a fun voice over job with Little Airplane Productions playing a French mouse named Brie on the animated series P. King Duckling.

- I'm so excited to be working with Josselyne Herman & Associates as my new management company!

Winter 2015

Watch some fun make-up videos I did for Clinique:

- Glossy Lips

- Dramatic Eyes

- Contouring

  1. - See "Hits, in theaters all over the country February 12, 2014 and in NY & LA Feb 13th - 19th! " (Official Sundance Selection for 2014 that was written and directed by David Cross) WATCH ME IN THE TRAILER and check me out on the RED CARPET at Sundance.


Fall 2014

- My best friend Vanessa Lane and I were lucky enough to shoot a digital campaign together for Clinique and they even gave us some amazing new products to take home!

- I shot a butter commercial for Organic Valley: Watch It's Butter Season!


- I just found out that the film I did this summer "Spicy Tuna" got into SXSW!

Summer 2014

- I had an amazing time shooting "Spicy Tuna," a female driven comedy about a hip hop dance group; where I got to play a very pregnant woman!

Check out our PROMO VIDEO!!

- I had a great callback for NBC's Diversity Showcase.

- I was on hold for Demetri Martin's new film "Dean," starring Kevin Klein.

- I just took Bob Krakowers New Student Class which was very empowering.

Spring 2014

- I had a busy pilot season, including a great callback for CBS"s "Blue Bloods."


- I completed level 301 at UCB.



- I attended the "Hits" Sundance Premiere which was an amazing experience!

David Cross, Matt Walsh and some of our "Hits" cast.

Sundance Premiere of "Hits"

"Hits" red carpet at Sundance.


Happy New Year!

I was lucky enough to spend New Years in Bali sucba diving with my parents!



- "Hit's" (the feature film written/directed by David Cross that I was in last summer) was chosen as an Official Sundance Selection for 2014!


- I performed at Atlantic Stage 2 in the Alumni Workshop in "Liberal Arts" by Max Bisantz.


- I am now a host for FemCity.tv, a website about Style, Beauty, Life, Sex and Women's Empowerment!

(My lovely Co-stars above)

- Check out the latest episode of "Disciplinary Actions," an award winning website I am a lead in. Watch me here!



- I shot a virtual holiday card for relentlessGenerator. Which you can watch here!

- I shot a pharmaceutical print campaign with MS Creative Productions.

- I took a fantastic class with casting director Kim Krakauer of Tucker/Meyerson Casting.

- I met casting directors Susanne Scheel and Rebecca Dealy (Chrystie Street Casting) at The Actor's Green Room who were both so lovely!



- Come see me perform at UCB Chelsea at Saturday the 19th at 4:15pm in my Improv 201 show!

- I met Clint Alexander, Fox's casting director for the East Coast, who was absolutely fabulous.



- I took a wonderful two week class with Julie Schubert, casting director for House of Cards.

- I am currently taking Improv 201 at UCB with Eric Tanouye!

- I took an amazing class with Marci Philips, Executive Director of ABC Casting.



- I played Carissa Ferrara in David Cross's first feature film called "Hits." It was one of the most amazing experiences of my career and David Cross is a phenomenal director. Not only did I get to act with some wonderful actors, but I was also allowed to improvise an entire news report.



- I head to the Catskills at the end of the month to film "Hit's," David Cross's new feature film.

- My episode of Deadly Devotion, "Gypsy Crime Family," aired on Investigation Discovery.


- I shot a commercial for The Sea Shore Restaurant on City Island, which was fun because I had never been to City Island!

Check out the view from the deck:



- I am currently shooting "Paper Dreams," an indie feature film where I'm playing the lead, a young gallerina named Whitney.

- I just finished shooting the "The Township," a short film where I play a news reporter dealing with a horrible tragedy.



- I started shooting "Paper Dreams," an indie feature film based here in NYC.

- On May 31st I performed at the PIT Mainstage in an improv show called "Missed Connections." It was so much fun and wonderful to perform with the hilarious Steve Soroka!

- I am very excited to announce that I just signed with legit agent Judy Boals!

- We were so excited to welcome casting director, Michael Cassara to the "Paper Dreams" team. He did a wonderful job casting the remaining roles for our feature film.

- I am playing a news-reporter in a short film called "The Township" next month.



- My episode (Season 2, Episode 11) of Scorned: Love Kills aired on Investigation Discovery.

- I will be playing a news-reporter in a short film called "The Township" next month. It's a very touching social commentary on gun control laws.

- Our newest addition to the "Paper Dreams" team, producer/filmmaker Stephen Soucy, is throwing a fundraiser for the film April 26th at his home in Los Angeles.

- I have been working very closely with director/writer Ryan Mitchel of "Paper Dreams" to put the finishing touches on our script before we begin shooting next month.

- I recently finished an Improv 101 intensive at UCB. It was a rigorous two weeks but definitely worth it and a lot of fun. I look forward to taking 201!



- I am loving Level 2 improv at The PIT! Come check out our class show on April 8th at 9:30pm!

- We are so happy to have Stephen Soucy join us as a producer for "Paper Dreams." He is a fantastic filmmaker from L.A. and we will be very lucky to have him in New York for our shoot this May!

- I recently had so much fun shooting an industrial music video for Prudential Insurance Company.



- WE SURPASSED OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL FOR "PAPER DREAMS!" THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU to everyone who donated and shared the campaign. We couldn't have done it without you and we are so blessed to have you all in our lives supporting our creativity!

- I had a wonderful photo shoot with Jordan Matter. Check out my Photos page to see the rest!

Jordan Matter Headshot 33

- Finished casting director Scott Wojcik's wonderful commercial class with a showcase and because of that I have just started working with Casey Ross of Ross Talent Agency!

- Had a blast at my Level 1 Improv show at The Pit (Steve Soroka is an awesome teacher)...looking forward to taking Level 2.


January 2013

- I had a great time taking the CW's casting director Alison Shomer's workshop.

- I currently am in the middle of a five week commercial class with casting director Scott Wojcik.

- I am having a blast taking Level 1 Improv at the PIT.

- I took a fantastic commercial workshop with David Cady.

- I took and Under 5 class with "Carrie Diaries" casting director Jessica Daniels and an on-camera class with "Golden Boy's" casting director Mia Cusumano.



- I was the lead in an episode of new series for Discovery ID called "Deadly Devotion."

Deadly Devotion Shoot:


- We had our first reading of the "Paper Dreams" script, the feature film I am starring in this spring. It was so much fun and we received some wonderful feedback.

- We shot another episode of "Disciplinary Actions," which is the award winning web series I have a lead role in.

- I was the lead in an episode of "Scorned" for Discovery ID.



- I played "Rose" in a staged reading of "The Abyss Within," a new play by Peter Paulino that was adapted from a novella by Henry James.



- Shot "Farewell Party" on a private island in Lake Mahopac, NY. We had an amazing cast and crew and the shoot was so much fun! Being directed by patrick Nicholas Smith was a fantastic experience!

Our set: Designed by the one and only Frank Lloyd Wright!

Creepy make up:

Late night shooting:

Two of my wonderful castmates:



- I booked an indie horror short called "Farewell Party." It will be shooting in a few weeks on a private island and will be directed by the very talented Patrick Nicholas Smith.

- I started co-hosting a business and political talk called "Unvarnished" on BizCastr.com with investigative reporter Allan Dodds Frank. It's a lively open discussion of current events and politics with an assortment of fantastic guests.


- My collaborator on the feature film "Paper Dreams," Chris Davis and I threw our first fundraising event at my parents house on Hollywood Blvd. in Whitefield, Maine. It was a huge success and we all had a lot of fun. It was the perfect kick-off event to start our fundraising!


- It has been an exciting month so far, because my collaborator Chris Davis and I, have been meeting with Molly Pearson of Table Ten Films. She is helping us with fundraising and producing our upcoming feature film, "Paper Dreams." Though we are only at the beginning, I have learned so much about producing and am loving the process!


- Shot a commercial for Reachoo.

- Showcased the teaser for our upcoming feature, "Paper Dreams" at Atlantic Acting School's first annual alumni event. We were overwhelmed by everyone's love and support!

- I was cast in the reading of "Where It Feels," an original play by Kaitlin Schuster. We had a great time and were excited by the audience's positive feedback.

- I took a very inspiring workshop with indie film director, Dan Schechter. He shed some light on his process, which was very helpful for where we are with "Paper Dreams."


- "In the Middle" premiered on Salon.com.

- Took a fantastic commercial improv intensive with casting director Barry Shapiro.

- Shot the teaser for our upcoming feature, "Paper Dreams."

-Took an amazing on-camera audition class with casting director Jessica Daniels of "30 Rock."


- "Disciplinary Actions" won 5 awards at LA Webfest: Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Writing, Outstanding Cinematography, Outstanding Music Composer and Outstanding Ensemble Cast--where I was specifically mentioned!

- Started developing the script for "Paper Dreams" with fellow actor Chris Davis and director Ryan Mitchel of Thank You Keith Productions.


- I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot the film "Amygdala" in Portland, ME with Portland Post-Production, directed by Brian Chin.

- Shot an episode of "In the Middle," an exceptional new web series on Salon.com, written, directed and starring the hilarious Henriette Mantel.

- Took a great commercial intensive with casting director Angela Mickey.


- I shot a short black and white film, "Dead and Lovely," directed by Dan Balkin.

- I took a fun and interesting workshop with indie film director Kevin Asch.

- Finished Dallas Travers' Business Breakthrough, an eight-week marketing course for actors. Very inspirational!

- Had the pleasure of taking a great class with casting director Steve Vincent.

January 2012

- Took Dallas Travers' Business Blueprint weekend intensive and started her Business Breakthrough course.

- Had a blast shooting "Sh*t iPhoners Say" directed by Ryan Mitchel.

December 2011

- Graduated from the Atlantic Acting School's 2.5-year Conservatory.

- Was cast in "Dead City" by Sheila Callaghan at Atlantic Theater's Stage 2. Produced by Citizen16 and directed by Kaitlin Schuster.